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Not Just Cat Videos! : Reem Mansour

Since Andrew has gone on a short break to the U.S., Ifath is going to be hosting alone for the first time this week! Our guest Reem Mansour, Co-Founder of Cat Assistance Team of Qatar, is originally from Jordan but has been living in Qatar for the past 4 years. She talks about changing her career path from Mass Communication and Theatre to getting a full time job in a rescue organization. She also talks about her love for cats, cat videos (woot woot), and her future plans for the organization.

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In It Together: Elsbeth Blekkenhorst

Elsbeth Blekkenhorst, who founded and currently runs Global Women, Qatar tells about her personal journey from business student to air steward to entrepreneur - all the while finding love and starting a family. Her Doha-based recruitment firm aims to empower women through the cultivation of an on-and offline community where individuals share their tips for navigating the sometimes puzzling path to employment in Qatar. For all the latest updates from Elsbeth and her guest contributors, make sure to check out the Global Women Qatar blog:

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Trying to Find a Balance: Seiti Raeisi

We've made it to our 200th episode and what better way to celebrate than this interview with Seti Raeisi, who balances a demanding 9-5 with her passion for helping others live better. The life-long Doha resident shares about her desire to continuously learn and improve, be it studying computer science or composing her first motivational book in 2016. The enthusiasm and positivity seeps through this episode - hope you enjoy!

Feel free to check-out Seti's multiple social media platforms to get quick and FREE healthy living tips:

Facebook: Setareh Raeisi

Instagram: @setithc

Snapchat: setasetaseta

Taking Her Own Path: Lulu Mohamad Ali

Almost to our 200th episode - holy moly! Thanks to the wonderful world of Instagram, we met this episode's guest, Lulu Mohamad Ali, who is a self-described "Fashion, health, beauty, food, business, and technology micro-blogger" based in Doha. We talk about pursuing one's passions despite not fully knowing how to do it, the importance of learning daily, and what we can expect from her brand, Labelled Lulu.

Teacher, Philosopher, and so much more...

Julian Jan, owner and instructor at the Jan Institute of Education, tells about his life-long passion for learning, specifically the humanities. For anyone who has been in Qatar for a while, you might not think of Qatar as being a place where artists, philosophers, and historians thrive, but educators like Julian are helping to change that. Tune in to hear how more about this and Julian’s life journey that led him to Qatar.

Here's his story:

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Daring Duo

Born and raised in Qatar, this sister and brother open up about the simultaneous feeling of missing a bygone era in the country and enjoying the changes that have come. The conversation also drifts into exploring the evolving cultural norms within Qatar and some of the ways in which young Qataris are pioneers. We definitely will have to do part 2 since we only get a small sampling of the two’s expeditions to places like the Amazon, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and the Arctic Circle.

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E-Commerce Comes to Qatar: Mayour Rouf with Shabab Falcon

Mayouf Rouf, who is one of the founders of Qatar’s 1st e-commerce fashion platform called Shabab Falcon, joins us at the studio. We learn a bit about growing up in the country and Mayouf's adventures in northern India, which would later influence his decision to pursue entrepreneurship full-time. Visit the ShababFalcon site here:


Listen here! E-Commerce Comes to Qatar

The Man With The Green Thumb

Environmental protection advocate and social media enthusiast, Neeshad VS, stopped by the studio after work to share his story that spans from India to Qatar. Because of his international experiences and very clear passion for giving back to his community, this young guy is someone to keep an eye on - expect great things from him in the future! Note: there are some great, easy ways to make your Ramadan more eco-friendly, too.

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More than 400 non- Muslims fast for a cause at Hyatt Plaza

The most awaited event for the year FAST-A-THON 2015 was organized by Hyatt Plaza shopping mall on 26th and 27th of June 2015. The event took place in Hyatt Plaza Food court and gathered more than 400 Non-Muslims offering them an opportunity to experience fasting for one day. FAST-A-THON was also supported by Qatar Charity and Edad Centre to support education in Somalia.

The family shopping mall and its supporters made a promise to donate 80,000 QAR, the equivalent of 200 QAR on the behalf of every Non-Muslim who registered to fast and encourage education in Somalia by ensuring English courses for orphans. To celebrate this activity the mall also organized an Iftar party for all the participants in order to promote universal values of brotherhood, tolerance and empathy. The mission of this event was to create a real communication between civilizations by giving non-Muslims a true understanding of what Ramadan spirit is and give them the opportunity to be a part of a charity with a noble cause.

“Through innovative activities like FASTATHON, we believe that we get to endorse Acceptance, Tolerance and Social Solidarity. This year, we have witnessed the highest participation for Fast-a-thon and we are glad that we will be able to support the orphans in Somalia and make their lives better through education.’’. Said Mr. Feroz Moideen, General Manager, Hyatt Plaza Shopping mall.

In order to appreciate the participants for their efforts; the mall prepared a varied and entertaining content, including free henna painting, interactive session with gifts distribution and Health check-ups provided be PHCC (Primary Health Care Corporation). ‘‘I brought my family to FAST-A-THON because we’ve been always fascinated by Ramadan and we really wanted to try fasting  and make it a part of our stay experience here in Qatar and the fact that we are doing it for a good cause make us even prouder and more enriched’’ assumed Mr. Adams, an American participant

 On the other hand Mr. Ahmed Saleh Al Ali Programs and project Manager at Qatar Charity said ‘in our organization we believe in a world where people live in dignity, and to be the partner of choice in helping the vulnerable like orphans in Somalia. Because of the inadequate education schools, students don’t have other choices but to attempt entering Europe across the Mediterranean or joining the Shabaab extremist’s troupes. For that reason our mission along with Hyatt Plaza will be to introduce English courses to those young minds in order to increase the chances of getting a higher education and becoming productive members in society’. The proceedings from Fast-a-thon will donated to a pilot project created by Dr. Bilal Philips, titled ‘Help the Orphans’, Intensive English course that will make 500 bright Somalian orphans and destitute children proficient in English and offer them an opportunity to contribute towards the progress of Somalia.

 As expected, Hyatt Plaza and its partners succeeded in attracting the charitable hearts by making them dynamically involved in an international cause like education in Africa, giving them the chance to discover what Ramadan and traditions in Qatar look like, and promising them even a bigger event next year that will cherish for the same universal values of brotherhood, tolerance and empathy.

“We thank all our customers and the our partners for supporting us in this noble cause” concluded Mr. Feroz Moideen.


About Hyatt Plaza: Strategically located in one of Doha’s popular destination, Al Waab street, Hyatt Plaza has been catering to families in Qatar since 2003. The family-oriented shopping center offers local and international retail, entertainment, and food outlets, including Géant Hypermarket, Homes R Us, Highland, Pari Gallery, and Kiddy Zone. In addition to being Doha's leading retail, dining, and leisure spot, Hyatt Plaza is also home to Jungle Zone - the city’s most popular children’s indoor theme park. Lush green surroundings, shaded parking, and a family-friendly ambience complete the shopping experience at Hyatt Plaza, making it the ideal family shopping destination in the country.


Mrs. Universe: A Queen Without A Cause

Have you met someone that just exudes confidence and joy? Well, Mrs. Universe 2014 1st Runner-Up, Yezenia Navarro, demonstrates these qualities along with so many more. Listeners gain insight into her journey from pursuing acting in Mexico to falling in love and making the move to Qatar, after which she was invited to represent her homeland in the Mrs. Universe pageant.

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Want to learn more about Yezenia's anti-domestic violence campaign, Queens without scars? Make sure to follow the initiative's work here!


Sponsorship Note: Register for the 2015 Fast-A-Thon at Hyatt Plaza


Hyatt Plaza’s popular Ramadan event, FAST-A-THON comes back in its sixth edition; a charity event offering them an opportunity to experience fasting for one day and in return 200QAR will be donated on their behalf to encourage education in Somalia. 

Register now, Fast and Join us on 26th & 27th June 2015.

This year's cause: fundraising for orphans education in Somalia.
Date: 26th and 27th 2015.
For more information and online registration, please call 44999666, Email : or visit our website

Mrs. Universe: A Queen with A Cause - Yezenia Navarro - Episode Preview

Have you met someone that just exudes confidence and joy? Well, Mrs. Universe 2014 1st Runner-Up, Yezenia Navarro, demonstrates these qualities along with so many more. Listeners gain insight into her journey from pursuing acting in Mexico to falling in love and making the move to Qatar, after which she was invited to represent her homeland in the Mrs. Universe pageant.

A New Frontier

Robotics in the GCC seem to be a hot topic these days, especially after our neighbors in Dubai announced the debut of some robo-cops...not the 90s classic type sadly. Qatar, not to be outdone, is also fostering a domestic robotics industry at Education City, the location of today's podcast. Tune in to learn about how one Texas A&M alum is fostering its growth and got inspired by Hollywood.

Find more information about today's show over at Qatar Robotics Institute for Development's website:

Our 1st Anniversary - Need Your Audio-Visual Selfies

Family, Doha Heat's 1st year anniversary is fast approaching on the 17th - whoa, that's like 5 years in Qatar time. Rather than have some lavish, ball-so-hard party, we want to hear from YOU! The details:

-Record a 15-20 sec. audio or video file sharing about why storytelling is important to you OR one of your favorite personal stories
-Submit them here by June 10th:

The final mix will debut on June 17th as a podcast episode. Don't be shy, Qatar - think of this as an audio selfie; we know how much you love selfies.

Off the Beaten Path - Episode Preview with Claudia Bergers of Al Uqdah Equestrian Complex

The team headed a little off the beaten path towards Al Khor to meet with Claudia Bergers, who leads the training for Qatar's ladies horseback riding team. We toured Al Uqdah Equestrian Complex as well, even meeting some of the riders and stable residents. Make sure to listen in tomorrow for the full episode.