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Recording Reflections: Sustaining Creativity

Hello Doha Heat family (yes, I see you all as family after sharing so many stories)! Andrew Clark here to bring you some periodic insights into the podcast's production. The blog will hopefully be an opportunity to give you access to what goes on behind-the-scenes and contributes to the audio files most people see pop-up on social media. I'd like to also invite readers to submit questions they might have about Doha Heat and its hosts. I think the interpersonal connections that stem from podcasts are awesome, and I'd like to cultivate that here so please don't be shy.

Sitting down to write this first post, I kept wracking my brain for a subject to start with...anyone else see the irony in my title now? Anyone who has or currently does work in the creative services I can imagine empathizing with needing to sustain their personal passion for a longterm project through continual replenishment.  Podcasting, as I have found, and the social media management that stems from doing it well can become quite taxing on your ability to produce engaging, community-focused content. To be honest, there have been days where I finish recording with a guest and struggle to craft something witty for the Doha Heat accounts on Facebook and Twitter. Sure, the audio file just created is most important for this medium, but putting out a potentially weak or unclear message to listeners may get in the way of drawing people in.

This situation, however, is not totally hopeless and being forced to confront it (I mean, I could've given up on podcasting, but like the opportunity to talk with so many cool people) actually encouraged me to find means of stoking my creative juices. One of the best ways for me to reignite my passion each week is to ensure I'm checking out other podcasts from around the world. Being American and someone into the "smart" technology field prior to arriving in Doha, I had already been subscribing to several podcasts, including The Nerdist (a mix of comedy and interviews with famous American/British stars), The Economist (British economics magazine), Going Off Track (based in NYC; focuses on members of the independent music communities), 100 Words or Less (interviews with individuals from the independent art communities in the US), and Startup (an audio journey documenting a startup business). Additionally, I've been incorporating healthier foods into my diet, like my usual breakfast green smoothies and 3 liters of water daily, which help to keep my head clearer and the neurons firing properly even amid a chaotic schedule. Lastly, and forgive me if this gets a little cheesy, but chatting with my fiancé and friends has proven to be a great resource for creative ideas and content. I definitely haven't always listened fully to them, but the times I do turn off my ego and fully consider their views, there have been some real gems.

Enough of my jabbering, what about you all? What keeps your creativity flowing in your ventures? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section!