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Recording Reflections: Is This Thing On?

Ahlan, Doha Heat community! Hopefully your work week is off to a great start; mine began with a day in bed battling what seemed to be the flu. I am back in the office this morning and ready to get into this week's blog entry dealing with content creation and wondering if anyone is listening.

Because of working in the social media and digital content creation fields for a few years now, whether it was helping launch a town-hall dialogue program in Washington, DC or trying to attract new listeners for Doha Heat, I have come to realize there are many periods where I have no idea if anyone cares. Yes, thanks to handy analytical tools like Google Analytics or Facebook's internal metrics digital creators can see who is clicking on this or that page, but what about determining what is engaging if no one comments? I recognize that some of this issue may be stemming from my content not being engaging in the ways listeners may want, which could result from a myriad of other related factors. For example, and this probably comes as no shock to people who've been living in Doha for a while, audiences in the city come from a variety of linguistic backgrounds and levels of English comprehension. The thought often comes to mind that my American slang or idioms might be lost on particular segments of listeners, just as a lot of other languages' intricacies fly over my head. Getting involved with tutoring children in English has shown me how difficult learning the language can be, given its grammar and sentence structures.

Another possible explanation for the apparent lack of engagement when it comes to digital content in a place like Doha is the relative newness and slow adaptation of the technology. Smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous and cheaper each year, but this does not necessarily translate into individuals using their full potential. I mean, I feel like I know only a fraction of all the cool, innovative things I might be able to use my iPhone for day-to-day. Add on to this fact that a digital channel like podcasting is not widely known in the region and well, it's an uphill battle in building AND maintaining the interest of an audience. That being said, I personally find this feature to be an exciting part of producing Doha Heat.

How about you? Leave us your stories of digital content creation successes and struggles in the comments section below.